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CFA volunteers dedicate many hours to training, community education, events and fundraising in addition to being on-call to fight fires and attend emergencies.  On average an individual volunteer will sacrifice up to 40-hours away from their families per month, to protect our community.


Fundraising is imperative for the survival of the CFA.  Without the support of the community the CFA would not be able to operate this essential service, placing many lives at risk.


Warrandyte, Wonga Park and surrounding suburbs, face a real threat of total destruction due to the nature or our environment.  To assist our CFA to focus their time on fighting fires, Fireball aims to fundraise for them, giving back many hours to our volunteers, so that the CFA can concentrate on what they do best….saving lives.

Money raised from Fireball, purchases new vehicles and equipment for our local Greater Warrandyte CFA’s, including Wonga Park.  The four captains and leaders from North Warrandyte, Warrandyte, South Warrandyte and Wonga Park work together to decide what the locality's greatest need is.  Fireball then helps the Greater Warrandyte CFA brigades obtain their wish list items to improve their efficiency, safety and to relieve the volunteers from the burden of fundraising.

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