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Your innovative tool kit delivering significant fundraising results.

Fireball in a Box is a comprehensive took kit providing step-by-step guidance for local community groups, to form their very own committee, organise and deliver a Gala Ball event, with the opportunity in raising significant funds for CFA brigades or other Emergency Services.

Fireball in a Box is a free tool available to community groups wishing raise funds for their local emergency service.  Maybe you might benefit from all our learnings, maybe you you may only use 50% of it.  But, if we can make it easier for any volunteers starting out running their own event, then Fireball in a Box is for you!


Fireball in a Box provides volunteer groups with 10 detailed key steps towards a success plan - from functional duties and priorities, establishing the ‘right’ committee to determining needs and financial targets, attracting sponsors, maximizing community involvement, as well as creating an extraordinary experience and event. This was all done separately to, but in close collaboration with the Brigades themselves, to ensure priorities were identified and met.

The key 10 steps covered in Fireball in a Box include:

  1. Establishing a committee with the right expertise

  2. Legal structures

  3. Safeguarding committee directors and members

  4. Determining needs and financial targets

  5. Budgets - they matter!

  6. Event planning

  7. Maximising community involvement

  8. Sponsors and donors

  9. Technology, social media and digital platforms

  10. VIP's, celebrities and members of parliament.




The actions and suggestions detailed in this kit are intended as a guide.  They are not a ‘must do’ list, but rather for you to use as a guide to help replicate what we did well and steer away from issues that could have been avoided or improved upon. 

We hope it helps your committee achieve success in: 

  • community involvement and social connection 

  • maximising your fundraising capacity

  • organising a spectacular Gala Ball event

  • complying with laws, regulations and taxation requirements.


At the time of producing this, we held two Gala Balls in our community.  Each has 

been a huge success with increased support for each upcoming event.  The biannual timing importantly allows the Committee and community to recover from the sheer size, effort and cost.


We have learned a lot – as individuals and as a committee.  And while we know we still have much to learn, we wanted to record our process and share our learnings to assist others heading down the same path to support their own volunteers. 


With that said, the Warrandyte Fireball® committee wishes your committee every 

success in your endeavours. 


If you would like to be notified when the tool kit becomes available, email us.

Fireball in a Box is offered as a free tool kit to help other volunteers like us, to achieve the best results possible for their local emergency services.  Donations are graciously accepted and will be used for promotion of the tool kit to more communities.  If you are in a position to donate, you can do so via PayPal.

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