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This year we continue the tradition of enabling you to sponsor a ticket so that a local CFA volunteer can attend.  Whether you’re attending or not, you can either purchase a ticket or make a contribution to a firey’s ticket, to show your support.


You may nominate a specific CFA member or brigade that you wish to sponsor, but if you don’t know anyone in particular, the Captains will allocate sponsored tickets.

Purchase a ticket for a firey

To purchase a ticket so that a firey can attend Fireball, you can

purchase the ticket ($150) using our ticketing site


Donate towards a ticket

Contributions towards a firey's ticket can be made by making a direct deposit to:

Warrandyte Community Bank - Bendigo Bank

Fireball Warrandyte Limited

BSB: 633 000

ACC: 1529 03472

Once you have done so, email us at with the amount, date of donation and your contact details if you wish to have a receipt for tax purposes.

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